Write them real,view the true

Have you ever noticed that some people’s lives are perfect when you view them?? Its true life’s perfect when it runs smoothly but sometimes we have to come clean and be real not tell the fake truth because you believe they are cameras(people) watching you.OK I know this ones happens a lot,when we are taking pictures,we make sure they are extremely perfect,spending our limited time on it just for it to look so charming.

Happens for everybody

Sometimes when we go out we have to look at the mirror tons of times to make sure we’re adorable,beautiful,elegant and have this stream of beauty.But let me shock you that rich people don’t really care about what they wear,only poor people do because stress duty responsibily to look perfect for the crowd is exhausting.

Making it happen and I end up hurt

Now,many high class people are breaking out of the constant perfect life to try and tell people ‘don’t take advantage of me because am giving you all you want; my glam looks,photoshoots and social media videos’.I read one of the daily posts and I realized celebrities are clapping back to viewers who feel what you’re wearing or doing is ridiculous,because they’re normal just like you who are living their lives in a perfect shade.some views just have this negative energy that they are just spoilong the moment.so I would prefer if we show off some things and try and keep some parts private.

Monitoring me and waiting for my downfall

They forget its my life and I can do whatever I want I want with it.They’re following my life and using it to make money,’why are people so insensitive’.I feel am been a fool to all of these,but some times all lot should stay with us and not on social media.Don’t necessarily give what they want,but try to maintain your views.Don’t forget,GE could consume but you can do something geniue and try and people will actually follow you to be their real selves and not a camouflage or fake self.

Lets try as much as people to be our real ourselves and not please everyone to displease ourselves.

You would actaully hear celebrities say the crowd is wild and i can’t really have this atmosphere i want,sometimes it amazing and enjoyed other times it annoying and insecure.Am not happy and i have anxiety’.They actually love their lives more behind the camera and some feel they wish no one knew who they were.

Life is simply logic

There’re a lot of stories of how some people got into a big mess even got killed,injuried and suffered and more.Hearing is a blink,but we can’t just believe some things happen.

You have to figure out what got you into that problem and identify the solution

  • If you are mentally unstable,see a therapist.
  • Here comes sickness,go to the hospital.
  • You’re really exhausted from the days work,get some rest.
  • Feeling so hot,pay a visit to the beach.
  • Need to date,use the dating app.
  • Really allergic to flowers ,avoid them.
  • Need to work from home,start online job.
  • You want to be fit,do exercise and visit/go to the gym.
  • You write a lot,be a blogger.
  • To remember memories,take pictures.
  • Control your anger,try and calm your self and close your eyes.

Life is actually a problem that need to be solved no matter the risk,its logic.

Don’t always depend on others for money

Men admire girls who do some things on their own,it looks like the woman

is classy,

has charisma and

can be able to support him.They want a woman who can be smart on the outside,has common sense and looks simple but have some dignity.

You know how guys are,they will not tell you the truth no matter how you make everything seem.Let me shock you,one of the things guys really love a girl for is her independence,not all the time ‘honey can you buy that bag for me or give me money’ but of course you’re giving him sex,thats a price you have to pay also putting at the back of your mind you could be pregnant,some drugs won’t work for you.There are just some things girls have to know.

Why stay in a relationship with you??some stay in a relationship because of money,some love,some fame,some because you’re hot,cute and attitude,cook a lot

Re lonely,they haven’t tried it before because of peer pressure

If you keep asking them for money they will look down on you,take advantage of you and take control of you like you’re their property,girls dress properly like dress hot and cute,make sure you look flashy sometimes and simple other times and cute been natural don’t dress like you’re just there,look like your someone’s queen which doesn’t really have to be shown on the outside but look good,someone could even copy your collection.boys could date you because your curvy,booty,or because they are sex addicts so they need someone that could help them with that

Channeling you to your path, you don’t suck doing that and never knew how it felt like

Hi guys,ever wondered the perfect profession for you?when will I get to know my talent? So many questions running through our minds that we don’t know when our hearts can calm down about it.

There are so many things to do in this life but have to pick that one you think is the best.

Here comes Channeling you to your path,I am here to connect you to your awaiting path if you want to progress,its a choice you have to make.

We love to do so many things these days,we can just start with playing guitar and we’re good at it, always seeing yourself writing then you will do excellent if you are an editor.

You may have tried a lot of things and abandoned them “saying is easier than doing”.

It’s a bridge,it didn’t take one day to build,all you’re putting into this is creating a bridge that will connect you to that great and perfect place.It might be a portal when you cross the bridge thats your obstacle.

Well its not just doing it the first day and you are getting it,if you don’t go the extra mile,nothing for you because people want something extraordinary.

Start it,there’s a saying ” the beginner is not the finisher”:there has to be a lot of work put into it,sleepless nights trying to get it,talent,research,watching YouTube videos about it,on your phone every night trying to check it out and the question is “what am I good at that’s the key,figuring out what you like is like you have solved the puzzle then next you need to put effort for success to surface sooner or later.

Sometimes you feel you suck at it and can’t do it again but remember one who never tried never knew what it felt like,you’re not the first person to try it but you can be a best person.

So let’s start with this game ,

tell me what you love to do and I will tell you the profession that fits you.

If you love to write be a writer,editor and an author.

Always singing in the bathroom,in your closet,when you’re alone or you write song lyrics and form them into songs easily; the perfect one for you is to be a song writer or a musician.

Dancing without knowing,without struggle,always feeling the vibe to dance,babe and guys you better take dance lessons.

You haven’t even taken dance lessons and your friends are like wow,we thought you took them,you’re pretty good,be a dancer.

A day can’t pass by without you acting and changing into different characters,be an actress/actor.

Maybe you love talking so much,why don’t you own your own podcast;no offence.

There are different and diverse ways to make money.

What do I do most of the time with or without counciousness,like it has turned to my everyday routine _ oluwaseun

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